Networking over the phone

The phone is an important tool to use in your job search, particularly when it comes to securing informational interviews with people to whom your contacts refer you. In this type of situation, it is necessary to know what to say in the short conversation that will serve as the prelude to — and rationale for — your face-to-face meeting. You should be able to complete your conversation within five minutes. Thus, it is necessary to develop a script for your conversation. Be sure to go through each of these steps:

  1. Identify yourself.
  2. Establish connectivity. Mention the name of the person you both know and whom you have spoken to recently.
  3. Tell why you’re calling. Fore example, you might say: “It’s time for me to make a move. I just go laid off along with a thousand others, and I’m looking for advice about and guidance on my job search.”
    Do not say you are “…looking for a job…” or anything similar, for you run the risk of being interrupted with a “no.”
  4. Ask specifically for a 15-20 minute appointment, either in person or over the phone.

During the appointment, you should discuss the industry, the areas of opportunity and the people worthwhile to contact.