Other negotiables

You should consider the following items in determining your compensation package. Any one of these things could be open to negotiation.

Basic compensation Base salary or wage signing bonus
Performance bonus
Profit sharing bonus
Standard benefits

Pension plan
Disability insurance
Medical, dental and optical coverage:
   Percentage covered by insurance?
Paid sick leave/Personal days off
Vacation time:
   How long?
   How soon?
Life insurance

Long-term benefits

Retirement plans:
   Defined benefit
   Profit sharing
   Pension plan
Savings plan
Deferred compensation plan

Equity participation Stock options
Stock bonuses
Relocation considerations Coverage of moving expenses/trips to find housing
Temporary dual residency and meals
Loss on sale of present home?
Mortgage rate differential
Mortgage fees and closing costs
Cost of living subsidy
Outplacement for spouse
Perks Vehicle allowances:
   Gas, maintenance and insurance
Expense accounts
Cell phone/Pager allowances
Frequent flier mileage awarded
Reserved or paid parking
Memberships to professional associations
Country club/Golf and tennis fees
Health club membership
Financial and legal consultation
School Tuition reimbursements